About Suraksha Setu Project

Suraksha Setu is a state-wide public outreach programme of the State’s Home department aimed at taking the role of Police beyond solving crimes by bridging the gap with the society and by creating a feeling of trust among residents with their proactive and prompt actions. The project intends to give a human face to the police force and minimize incidents of crime in the society.


Police should not only symbolize power and authority but should come across as a friend in need having sensitivity for people’s problems and willingness to productivity solve the problem faced by people at all level and all age groups.


Translate Suraksha Setu into action mode through programs of positive bonding with public, reaching out to them at their doorstep and helping to promote conditions that lead to a crime-free and harmonious society.

Suraksha Setu Societies

Suraksha Setu Societies have been formed at State, Commissionerate and District Levels. The Societies are autonomous bodies registered under the Gujarat Societies Act. The Society has a Governing Council for general administration and Executive Committee for day activities.

Suraksha Setu

Suraksha Setu – Gandhinagar


Suraksha Setu Society-AhmedabadCity


Suraksha Setu Society – West-Kutch

Suraksha Setu Society – Mahisagar

Suraksha Setu Society – Sabarkantha

Suraksha Setu Society – Dang-Ahwa

Suraksha Setu Police – Surat

Suraksha Setu Society – Mehsana

Suraksha Setu Society – Khavda Police Station

Suraksha Setu Society – Girsomnath

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Suraksha Setu Society Organisational Structure