Initiatives for All


  • Establishment of ATMs inside or near police stations to avoid theft or tempering.
  • Establishment of informer network to get details on locked houses for prolonged period, liquor and gambling issues.
  • Maintaining the record of owners and riders of bikes exceeding 300 cc with photographs.
  •  Collection and compilation of data related to vehicles and sharing it with other government agencies.
  • Drive for traffic issues including parking and safe driving.
  • Parking Facilities Management within residential and commercial areas
  • Citizen training in crisis management like in situations of natural calamities, terrorist attacks, incidents of fire, blast etc.
  • Rehabilitation of people addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • Blood Donation Camps
  • Tree Plantation Drive
  • Felicitating citizens who helped police, in solving or preventing a crime, with awards
  • Resolution of disputes of petty nature like parking space, water, servant-master, landlord-tenant by appropriate intervention ranging from a verbal warning to strict punishment.
  • Public Awareness Drive through seminars, quizzes, drawing competitions, TV / Radio advertising etc to inform people about the various programmes being undertaken as part of Suraksha Setu Project.
  • Publishing  Do’s and Don’t s for safety of women and children, senior citizens and general public during various circumstances.


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