Initiatives for Students / Children / Youth


Counseling to students – general and of Police Lines

•   To cope with exam pressure and fear of failure

•   To help them choose an appropriate career

•   To help them engage in productive activities in free time / during vacations Parents of these students are also encouraged to remain present during these counseling  sessions.

Encouraging students to become FoP (Friends of Police)

•   The department plans to make use of capacities of students from National Cadet Corps (NCC)  and National Service Scheme (NSS) and to register them as Friends of Police (FoP).

Rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents

•   The societies, with the help from Social Justice & Empowerment Department will provide financial aid for juvenile delinquents to pursue higher studies upon their release. Tying up with companies to provide employment opportunities for skilled juveniles are also being explored.

Road and traffic safety training for school children

•   The department has initiated programmes to train school children regarding basic traffic safety rules and regulations so that they can take care of themselves while commuting between schools and their homes.

School children visits to Police Stations

•   To ensure children see Police as their friends and not as someone who should be feared and avoided, the societies are encouraging School Children visits to Police Stations.

Police to accompany school / college tours

•   To ensure safety of the school / college students on out-state tours, the police will accompany.

Drive to find missing children

•   Create awareness about missing children with photographs, reward citizens for providing crucial information.

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