Message from Additional Chief Secretary Gujarat

Dr. S. K. Nanda,

IAS Additional Chief Secretary

Home Department, Govt. of Gujarat

The police play a very important role in maintaining law and order in a society. While performing their duties the police come across as tough people, who a common man would rather avoid than approach. However, it is in the interest of the society to change people’s perception of the police because unless this gap is bridged and the police is seen as approachable and friendly, the police cannot perform their duties optimally.

Project Suraksha Setu is launched with the idea of bridging this distance and bringing the police closer to the people they protect.

Various programmes under this project are meant to simplify people’s interaction with the police and also sharing the responsibility of maintaining law and order thus promoting citizen policing. The police can act as a facilitator for social change. It can play a big role in changing people’s mindset, in identifying and nipping in the bud the motives behind criminal actions. While it is not a simple task, if done with diligence and commitment, it is possible to achieve success and see results.

Dr. S. K. Nanda

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