A bond of trust between police and public

Role of Suraksha Setu Societies


To assist, support, undertake and supplement activities relating to law and order, peace, safety and security in the traffic, home security, disputes vacant house information / issues, dowry, women safety, elderly people’s security, burglary, forgery, coercion, pressure-tactic, domestic violence, theft, hawker problem, vendors problem, noise pollution, cattle grazing, caste issue, terrorism, eve-teasing, ragging, police family problem etc.

Way Forward

  • Bridging the gap between public and police and creating a feeling of mutual trust between the two
  • Encouraging public to approach police for their problem without any fear and changing police’s mindset and instilling a culture in the department to help citizens proactively
  • Creating alert citizens and secure neighborhoods
  • Preventing crime and immoral activities thus making Gujarat the safest place to live in, in the entire world.
  • Providing equal opportunities to every citizen irrespective of their caste, religion & gender to prosper and live peacefully in Gujarat.
  • Achieving the goal of world brotherhood by creating proactive and responsible societies.
  • Uniting the power of “Raksha Shakti(Police)” & “Jan Shakti(Public)”
  • Augmenting the public image of Police
  • Providing single window system for police services through Surksha Setu Kendras.


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Suraksha Setu Rath (Mobile Van)


Suraksha Setu Rath is a mobile van which will display information relating to public policing, awareness, Do’s and Don

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